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How To Earn Facebook Page Monetization 2023?

 Assalamu-alaikum, when we all watch any video on Facebook, we must have noticed that the video shows ads in between which are usually provided by advertisers. Advertisers or businesses can advertise between these videos through Facebook video monetization. All this is possible through Facebook's audience network.

How To Earn Facebook Page Monetization 2023?

Facebook Page Monetization can earn more money than YouTube. Facebook pays more than the percentage of YouTube creators paid. I myself have been working with YouTube channel for a long time. It can be said that the conditions of Facebook are much easier than YouTube. On the other hand Facebook page monetization is easily available as there are multiple ways of Facebook video marketing.

Simply put, it's not like you create a page and Facebook Page Monetization. In fact, there is no easy way to earn money in the world. But those who try can earn whatever they want. So if you also want to earn by monetizing Facebook page, then today's article is for you.

What is Facebook video monetization?

Now, you can count Facebook as an equally efficient partner for advertising through video content. YouTube no longer has that monopolistic business. That place is now occupied by Facebook. Now Facebook monetization is also able to show ads within video content on par with YouTube.

If you want to earn from Facebook videos, you have to come up with a plan to work with Facebook video monetization. Here are some very important points to help you in this regard.

Before thinking about any kind of strategy for Facebook video monetization, you need to know the latest news or updates about Facebook Audience Network.

Earn by uploading videos on Facebook or this Facebook video monetization plan was invented by Facebook a few months ago. Two ad formats were piloted, one format featuring a five to fifteen second ad in-stream or video and the other an in-article ad format. However, the in-article format was reserved for a handful of publications such as the USA Today Sports Media group and the Daily Mail (which had a mobile format).

Facebook Page Monetization (Facebook Page Monetization) method:

When you think about terms, you will find thousands of terms. Conditions are sought by those who are unfit for work. So if you are creative and diligent, you can earn from Facebook by fulfilling few simple conditions. Let's discuss what you need to do to monetize Facebook page.

1. Amassing Ten Thousand Followers:

According to the conditions given by Facebook, you must first collect ten thousand followers. If your page gets ten thousand followers then you will get Facebook Page Monetization. But apart from ten thousand followers you have to fulfill some other conditions. Collecting first ten thousand followers is very difficult for everyone. That is why many people fail in this task. In fact, if you can follow a little strategy, it is not a difficult task at all.

To get followers you need to learn the basics of Facebook marketing. If you learn basic marketing, you can easily get tens of thousands of followers. Quality content is the power of Facebook marketing. On Facebook you can share small content in different groups every day. Suitable platform to collect ten thousand followers as a group.

2. Uploading video content regularly:

I said a little earlier. Content is the power to rule the online world. The better content you can create, the faster you will find success. If you want to do Facebook Page Monetization, you need to upload a video of three minutes or more than three minutes. Videos shorter than three minutes will not count views. So each video should be longer than three minutes to increase video views and make it suitable for showing ads.

3. Must watch 30 thousand minutes of video within 3 months:

When viewers watch the video content you upload, video watch time will be calculated. Watch time of videos less than one minute will not be counted. A viewer who watches a video for more than one minute will only have their watch time counted. In this way you have to collect 30 thousand minutes of watch time within 3 months. This is how you need to fulfill the conditions if you want to monetize Facebook page.

How to understand whether you have met all the conditions of Facebook Page Monetization?

It's quite simple. When you go to the Facebook creator page, you will see the analytics of everything. Once all your features are complete, Facebook will automatically send you a monetization setup message. You can earn money by Facebook page monetization only if informed by Facebook.

Facebook Video Monetization Eligibility Standard 2020

Facebook has opened up a way for publishers to make money by 'ad breaks' between your content. If you have a clear understanding of the community standards and Facebook monetization eligibility standards, anyone can earn from Facebook by showing ads within videos. That is, both the parties creating the ad and the advertiser are also in a friendly environment. According to Facebook's standards, the platform's network communications must be convenient and permanent for users.

Below is some list like:

Community Standards, Copyright, Intellectual Property Claims and Instant Article Domain Review.

What is 'ad break'?

Ad breaks are small breaks that you allow to appear in your video to earn money. Ads can appear at any time of your content or you can choose the time.

  • Checking Facebook Ad Break Eligibility:
  • Earn by Facebook page monetization

From the above picture you must understand that if you follow the rules of Facebook, you can give the eligibility test for Facebook ad break.

You need to have at least 10,000 likes/followers to monetize your Facebook page. You must protect this limit even if you have something else.

The second thing to note is that you must try to get everyone to watch your video for at least one minute, even if it's three minutes long. This ratio is set by Facebook.

Your content must meet Facebook's eligibility criteria or standards.

The last eligibility check is that your page must be on the list of countries that can show ad breaks on Facebook.

If you can pass these four eligibility tests then surely you can earn money by advertising on Facebook videos.

Facebook video monetization has given some new updates this year:

You can also start monetizing premium video content as a Facebook partner by registering with Facebook Audience Network.

All these partners and qualified publishers can earn money by showing ads on Facebook video content on their websites with promotional tools or through Audience Network with apps.

A few days ago, Facebook did a test promotion of some things and that is by promoting beta test ads on the live Facebook profile or page in the US.

Facebook also experimentally aired ads among videos produced by a few partners on demand.

Publishers can take their business a step further with the help of Facebook Audience Network in the light of advertiser ad quality and buyer experience. This is a network that can take publishers' business a step forward as this network has 1.8 million users. In-Steam's policies are very useful for all popular ad videos in the world to be acceptable to both desktop users and mobile phone users.

Demand for the Facebook Audience Network continues to grow as Facebook grows to nearly 4 million advertisers and small businesses. They expect the highest delivery rate of CPM and constant delivery from all over the place.

With the help of FAN (Facebook Audience Network) brands can work on their advertising campaigns for various apps and websites. Using targeting data, advertisers can increase their campaign reach.

Lists that publishers need to have to apply for Facebook Audience Network (FAN):

Quality and conditions that publishers must maintain for the Facebook Audience Network

Advertisements can be shown before the video before it means pre-roll and mid-roll means it can be shown in the middle.

But it must be remembered that no advertisement can be shown after the post roll and also the advertisement of the game cannot be shown before or in between.

Videos that are added within an article must be clickable and autoplay videos can be shown if it is featured as a video on the first page of content.

Along with the click, the video will play immediately.

Sound must always be on in the usual way.

The size of the video player must be 500 pixels or 300 pixels wide for both mobile and desktop.

Audience Network Ads can be removed or skipped after 10 seconds if the video is 30 seconds. If it is less than 30 seconds then it cannot be skipped.

Web Player must work together with VIPaid. And URLs will also work with Audience Network VIPED and from One Page URLs.

Be sure to check first that the Audience Network Software Development Kit (SDK) for mobile apps will also work with in-video ads.

Vpaid stands for video player ad serving interface sample or template made for ad videos. The Audience Network SDK (SDK) is a way to show ads when using the Facebook apps on iOS and Android.

Some steps of Facebook Audience Network application:

Publishers require certain listing approvals for in-stream ads shown through the Audience Network to feature work.

Those rules are:

First, you need to sign in or enter your DEVELOPER.FACEBOOK.COM account and click to show ads on apps and websites through the Audience Network.

Be sure to check first that domain, app and payment details are already provided.

After everything is completed and submitted, the Facebook Audience Network team will review it and let you know very soon.

When this is approved, in-stream video ads start showing in the Audience Network section.

Community Standard:

Safety: Content must be about healthy or normal topics so that users can connect with others and build community or social bonds without fear.

Voice: Different opinions are certainly allowed to be expressed but such sentiments, posts or comments are required Disclosure is more rewarding.

Justice or Equity: Emphasis is placed on various forms of social interaction and maintaining equality.

Violating any of the above rules will result in exclusion from the Facebook video monetization feature. In that case, these guidelines must be followed by creators and advertisers to work with Facebook monetization.

Copyright and Private Ownership Claims:

Violation of private ownership claims: Content must not be used without permission from the original creator. Violation of such limits may result in Facebook removing your content.

The right to defend another's private ownership claim over and over again:

When you repeatedly post content that is someone's private property, you violate the limits.

Instant Article Domain Review:

The rule also allows Facebook to check content when publishers publish it on their pages. This test is usually done automatically by machine and manually checking the quality of the web site content.

Low-quality content can create social resentment among users, which is why Facebook removes it in advance to protect the network.

Anyone can lose access to instant articles if the traffic is not in accordance with the opinion or if the content publishing style is not consistent. And for Facebook video monetization, you have to be aware of various up-to-date rules and apply new strategies to Facebook video posts.

Some Useful Tips: Facebook Video Monetization 2022

In order to be reposted as described in Facebook's Community Standards, content published must follow these guidelines.

It must be ensured that the contents of the content do not claim personal ownership of someone else.

Never accept low quality content on your website or Facebook account where the rules say to show good quality content for followers.

Of course, you will follow all the rules of Facebook video monetization in your content so that your content is suitable for ad breaks.

How to get the money earned?

Currently, Facebook is paying creators in multiple ways. You can withdraw the earned money through any local or national bank in your country. If you want to know more about this, keep asking questions in the comments, all your questions will be answered.

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